A Thought about Quality

Hmmm, this started with a thought risen by a book, but it drifted quite far, and perhaps never answered the question.

From Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance:
“Quality from the marketplace and predicted the changes that would take place. Since quality of flavor would be meaningless, supermarkets would carry only basic grains such as rice, cornmeal, soybeans and flour; possibly also some ungraded meat, milk for weaning infants and vitamin and mineral supplements to make up deficiencies. Alcoholic beverages, tea, coffee and tobacco would vanish. So would movies, dances, plays and parties.”

“We would all use public transportation. We would all wear G.I. shoes. A huge proportion of us would be out of work, but this would probably be temporary until we relocated in essential non-Quality work. Applied science and technology would be drastically changed, but pure science, mathematics, philosophy and particularly logic would be unchanged. Phćdrus found this last to be extremely interesting. The purely intellectual pursuits were the least affected by the subtraction of Quality”

  1. The designs are based on knowledge, and knoweldge of humans, i.e. the social sciences, are infinitely complex. Using the house example again, a house (good or bad in quality) (link to poorly-designed upgrades game) may lead to other unknown problems. This would lead to the solving of those problems, and leading to more unknown problems. By this constant trial and error, the house becomes better. And this is how societies progress, through policy-making. Quality, here, is not a variable.

  2. Striving to increase survival is functional, absence of Quality (in an impossible environment where there is no chance of the thought of doing and thinking of something beyond survival). It is beyond survival, one has more time to have more ‘higher-functioning’ brain activity, which is where Quality enters. Without Quality, Marx’s idea of Communism comes to mind, and does indeed seem to be the ideal society. Yet, Quality leads to the creation of more effective (and beautiful) solutions, for example, using games for education, as opposed to rote learning with written language. Perhaps Quality comes later in society just as it does in humans. The first step is to survive. Then next is to do it beautifully. And back in a loop I go. I must sleep.