Early Aspirations of Nomadism

[todo: combine with early ideal lifestyles?]

Next move? SF, Hawaii, Japan, Canada (Toronto, Vancouver), New Zealand?, Asia? (3 months in each of Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, etc.),... 21/11/2011
I've said before, at my core I'm a vagabond. I like to explore, live, create. This can be seen as greedy as it takes away from family time. I just have to make sure I commnicate with my family and friends while I'm gone. Start using skype weekly. Go to India with my parents next time. I would be okay with living in poverty as long as I'm doing the things I like. I'll only compromise to a desk job if I need the money or social interaction. It's no different then when I was young. Before, I used to explore neighborhoods on my bike. I still explore neighborhoods on my bike! But now I can go further, around the world. I also now have the confidence to make things. I have a much clearer mind. I'm healthy. 23/11/2011

And now, as I write this on 4/5/2016, I am in poverty, doing the things I like. Well, kind of.