Epicureanism and Media

If one has a job and works 8 hours per day in the same location, then to gain knowledge modestly either requires one to use local transportation to experience things, i.e. city, or use media.

To gain more knowledge, one could get a job that changes location and people. Or, change jobs frequently, i.e. contracts.

When one creates media, one thinks about how to get the audience to gain an understanding of the world.

I think in this way, Humans of New York is quite successful. People see via photo, and understand a bit of reality through text. Of course, the location is limited to New York, and even then, limited to a rich part of it.

During more active times, I felt the only way I was gaining real information of the world was by searching videos of people who would walk the streets of different parts of the world. Films are fictional. Documentaries are framed. Just taking video of the streets gives a real sense of what exists materially, and the human nature that reacts to it. To have an array of 8 monitors playing this, like Veidt does, may be the most efficient method of consumption of media. Words surely being the worst.

HONY is a good start. Perhaps it could have a 10 second 360 degree shot to gain an understanding of the area.

Perhaps very soon, people will have small cameras recording everything all of the time. Then people could watch a random set of several lives simultaneously. Would a person be able to make sense of it? Act on it? The lives one watches would have to be near to act on it.

[todo: think more]