Epicureanism in the Suburbs

Gaining knowledge in the suburbs leads to more frequent use of and perhaps even a reliance of media as a source of knowledge.

The suburbs relies on automobile transportation. Compared to the city where the city is accessible by public transportation, or a countryside, where one has a bicycle or scooter may be enough to get around, the suburbs blocks people from getting around easily and efficiently.

The commute lacks experience. Entering a car, getting outside of a neighborhood, going on a highway, and just to enter another neighborhood is dull.

Therefore, to have an experience with people and the environment become less efficient.

Media becomes a more effective option. Of course, at the cost of a real experience – observing reality and being a part of society.

Sole use of media is a less effective method of gaining knowledge than real experience.

Therefore, houses are detrimental to the efficacy of gaining knowledge.