Fixing Err-3 on a 1998 Acura Integra Car Stereo

It’s wonderful what you can do with Google.

My sister told me her car stereo wasn’t working. I checked it and found that it displayed Err-3. After a little Googling I discovered this is part of the anti-theft system and must have triggered after the battery had recently died.

Here are the steps to reset the anti-theft system:

  1. Check if your car has a sticker with a code written on it. Here’s a video that shows possible locations. If you find the code, skip to step 5.

  2. Pull out the stereo to obtain the device serial number and keep it pulled out.

  3. Write down the serial number so that you don’t have to remove the stereo again

  4. Get the code by supplying the serial number, VIN, and other information. Try this website. If that doesn’t work, call a dealership, ask for parts and services, and tell them you need the code. If they don’t give the code or try to charge you, try another dealership.

  5. If you came from step 1, disconnect the car battery, wait 30 seconds, and reconnect. If not, disconnect the power cable from the car stereo, wait 30 seconds, and reconnect.

  6. Enter the code

  7. Celebrate

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