Game Philosophy

note: I’m just starting this! Hold on.

I’ve been admitted to Parson’s The New School for Design’s Design and Technology program.

And I feel it is important to think about the following:

  1. What do you want to do at Parson’s? (see my statement of interests and intentions I sent to Parson’s, NYU game design, and NYU ITP)
    • write ideas, clearly, with purpose, and prioritize them to find the most meaningful one
    • propose (idea or ideas?) to audience at Parson’s once I get there
  2. Summarize what experiences imparted some philosophy in games

Life related questions:

  1. Is attending Parson’s necessary? Is being in New York necessary? Can I do this on my own outside of a city? Should the money go into business instead? Can $18,000 buy a tea shop in Taiwan? Can I live without much social life?