Growing Up with Technology

In the end of a blog about information and mediums, I said:

The more sensual the unknown product the more pleasurable it becomes and the faster data is transmitted.

With that known, and according to my history [todo: need to link blog], it is natural to choose the more pleasurable art objects or experience.

I naturally chose games, then films, then new media, then books, in that order. Of course I used Wikipedia to follow up, and dialog with friends. It’s interesting to see that books came last in my education; It is my last choice in gaining information.

If one want to learn about ethics, watch a film rather than read a book. If ones wants to learn about strategy, play a strategy game rather than watch a film. If one wants to learn how to make something, make it rather than observing others make things.

If one of the goals of education is to make subjects interesting, then using newer art mediums is a natural method, especially for a self-education where experience is impossible (stuck in a house) or just really inconvenient.

A lot of my history was just random play (hedonism?) rather than a directed curriculum, but luckily, there’s enough content in the world where one can learn and live via newer art objects and experience while living a surprisingly pleasurable life.