Homeless East Asians

~2/14/13 to 8/6/13 in New York Why do bums live on?

Homeless East Asians are special. Testaments of the crime-less, thrifty ethics of East Asians; Modest modern scavengers of urban waste a la recyclables, they fertilize the city’s sidewalks every night, take care of the city like under-appreciated mothers do their shit-spewing babies.

I’ve always had a fascination with bums since I first moved to a city. A fascination for the human condition perhaps. They are incredible beings.

The Asian kind, especially. I feel no difference between the Asian recycling ladies of New York and certain night market vendors of Taipei whom clean the streets every night. Perhaps they are the same. I walk down the streets with them, comforted by their presence, inspired.

Wherever I settle, I hope they are always near.