Houses and Streets

>9/3/13 My creativity is completely gone. I'm paying for an expensive hostel without thought of work. I'm working on old things without thought. I need some inspiration.

Impulsivity dissipates the longer I stay inside a house. This included my parent’s house, my family’s house in India, and, a friendly hostel in Seoul.

It’s surprising I lost impulsivity in the hostel in Seoul. But like Japan, South Korea is nearly entirely developed, with people inside buildings. Even the parks are artificial.

The more time I spend on the street, the more impulsive I am. Travel being the best. This harks Rimbaud’s biography and Dean Mortiarty as extreme examples.

>9/3/13Cars are terrible. It's like a house on wheels.

When one is inside a car, one doesn’t interact with the world, only with what’s inside the car. The difference of a opening a window is huge.