Hypomania and Creativity

The times I felt hypomanic, I felt these were some of my most creative times in my life.

Creativity and productivity are separate. Creativity is the process of creating ideas. Productivity is implementing them.

During mania, I am so creative (flight of ideas) that I continue consuming (sensually) and creating new ideas. The problem is that I never want to settle one. How does one choose one to work on? How can any work be worth the time? As a person with a limited lifetime, wouldn’t it be efficient to only work on things with high effect low work ratio?

At this time I felt that even spending time to implement art onto a medium was a waste of time. Isn’t performance better, netting a direct result?

My work moved from medium to direct interaction, experiences. It supplied faster feedback, which was crucial as I worked alone. Travel is the best way to consume the most amount of information, and a constant stream of performance-oriented events seemed the ideal way to create something based on that information. Humans of Taipei and Vincent Moon documentary-like videos.

Perhaps that’s true, but during the time, I forget, all information is not useful. And even good performances and documentation require some work, though, less than it used to.