I'm Fortunate [Early Ethics]

enver told me about pb&j. i don't think his problem is due to psychology. he needs to be beaten. real bad. i feel like in this case, he wasn't raised right. only in America do these sort of people get by [written later: they wouldn't survive elsewhere, they wouldn't be allowed to do these things elsewhere]. genetics or parents, which to blame? it's tough to say whether the problem is genetics or the parents, but pb&j is a prime example of a mentally normal human gone awry. how does this happen? at what stage in his life did this occur? i need to wikipedia psychology and genetics. i'm fortunate - an old thought, but i haven't written it yet. i'm extremely fortunate in every way possible. great parents, top genes (mental and physical), raised well (middle class neighborhood, public schools, great parenting, temple, travel [it's better to let a kid explore the world, rather than keeping him in the house]), and i'm wealthy. it could be the reason that i'm always happy. if you have what i have, why would you be angry? although, i think the reason i am happy is because i have a 'happy gene'. if i were raised less fortunate, i beleive i'd still be happy. sure, there would be more stress, but i think i would prevail =). even further, i think i'd be more inspired! have more reasons to reach for a more demanding goal. oh right, the i'm fortunate thought comes to mind whenever the life in an undeveloped country is mentioned. 8/12/2009 (dd/mm/yyyy)