Korea and The Apex of SPD

the height of travel

When I flew from India to Hong Kong, I felt that I was on top of the world.

I saw through Hong Kong. I explored it within a week. I found the most valuable artists there. I had little to no interest to it’s culture. I was done with it.

When I arrived in my high class hostel in Seoul, I felt the apex of Schizoid Personality Disorder (SPD).

I could barely go to the bathroom without thinking about how much money was being wasted at the hostel. After being in India and Nepal for 3 months, then going to Hong Kong for a week, the amount of goods in Seoul felt ridiculous: spacious rooms, clean, free water, six lane roads, cars, tons of space, cafes, endless comfort.

It was probably the deepest feeling I had during all of my travels. I would be talking to myself at really high speeds. Questioning everything, material and human. It was as if I was re-constructing what society is in my head.

I questioned why anyone could create anything. Life was far beyond a means a living, yet people moved to take action, perhaps toward some work, which I didn’t understand.

I think it’s because Seoul feels like a sprawling suburb, and suburbs are still non-sensical to me. My mind couldn’t figure out why anyone who act in such ways.

[TODO: definitely worth thinking about why it had such a great effect]

>9/3/13 I adapt to the hostel in Seoul. I become accustomed to technology and money. I forget about others. I become less creative. I think less. And I hate myself for it all. I don't ever want to be lazy again.

Adapting to the developed world means becoming an automaton?