Mood Swings

>9/3/13 When my creativity and motivation stops, what is the remedy? Travel? Spend time with friends? Meet people? What will wake me up? What will get me out of depression?

This is quite common for me. Usually on a high for about 3 months, then a low. I usually struggle getting out of the low. It usually results a change in direction, but that doesn’t fit many societies, when a job may have the length of a year. I finish whatever project I’m working on, then move on. This leads to me choosing small projects.

Mood swings are probably associated to my schizoid psychology.

9/20 in Tokyo, Japan Feeling restless. Not enough social communication. I need friends, work friends, family. Keep creating and talking. My heart is going to explode if I don't talk to someone.

It really does feel as if my heart were to explode. I desired stimulus that badly. I’m absolutely restless.

~2/14/13 to 8/6/13: in New York Perhaps the slump hits hard only because I previously never had something I was excited about. ... I'm neither tiring my mind or body enough to sleep. I must not be outing enough work hours in.

I think written closer to winter time.