My Workflow for Written Expression

Continuing the thought from the self-note from the last post:

[self-note: this was published using markdown, and is a good for testing it. The original text is in a text file in Dropbox. Can either copy the HTML from the text file using an application (Writebox) or use the Wordpress markdown plugin. It seems I may have been playing with the formatting of highlights and notes, using unordered lists (via markdown), which led to some cosmetic updates to the CSS. I don't know how to write a non-html-list in markdown using "\n- text". I really sure hope all this messing with digital bullshit will make expressing thoughts easier during more active times in life...

It might be helpful to write down the workflow, perhaps minimizing it.

Here is my current workflow:

  1. experience
  2. think
    • non-verbal / skip to action, oral (in the mind or out loud)
  3. decide to write
    • written is a choice among infinite choices of actions
  4. express via writing to nearest material
    • paper, public computer, smartphone
    • audio recording an alternative worth considering
      if written on physical material:
    • 4.5 transcribe to digital text file
  5. publish to Wordpress

Here is my current workflow with current technology:
if using phone:
write via a writing (likely markdown-supported) smartphone application (Writebox, Plaintext [2], Byword)
copy text or HTML to clipboard
paste into Wordpress [web browser (because the Wordpress application sucks)]

if not:
write directly via Wordpress (if near / convenient; it never is convenient)
write to a text file using Writebox