Need a Medium to Express Yourself

have to find a media [medium] to express myself ?/7/2011
You should be able to translate whatever is on your mind in the medium you are most comfortable with. That's art. Maybe you're currently into capitalism, then make something about it to express your feelings about capitalism. Maybe you just love the feeling of cooking, make something acorrding to that! 15/10/2011
Does the medium and artist works on even matter? Whether he writes books, directs films, or draws, the artist's expression is still being displayed. Does the medium require technical experience before the expression is shown? Many artists first work shows characteristics of expression. It may not be polished, but the idea is still there. People shouldn't ask, "what do you do?". That's limiting. Ideally a person shouldn't think "I'm going to do these things today". It should be more free. On the day of, just wander and explore, then perhaps Later you may feel the need to express or test those explored concepts on a medium. 6/11/2010

There’s hint of my early ideals here: of wanting people to be able to be able to freely do as they wish. There’s also the ability to distinguish art from mass culture. Not bad! And of course, the artist’s communication through mediums of choice.