Public Spaces and Action

I feel there is an association to public spaces and action.

By public spaces I’m mostly thinking of anywhere outside of a building, inside of a city: streets, parks, and plazas.

The lack of private space, lack of media, vicinity of people and nature, and the resulting stimulation from the two, is all conducive action.

Just being the in public in a city offers so much external stimuli. The more dense, people and materials, the more stimulation. If there are things to interactive with, then one is likely to do so: buy something, play an arcade or board game, talk to people.

The more interactive the space, the likely people will take action. To make a space more interactive, there should be things to play with and tools to make things with. The higher the variety of things, the more diverse the crowd [not sure about this sentence, just writing my mind]

If one has been exposed to aesthetics, and intends to create something, the mass amount of stimulation should flow in tons of ideas.

If one is constantly exposed to massive amounts of stimulation, one may not be able to make sense of the world, seeing it as a disorganized mass of data, and find it absurd to take any kind of action.

Welp, that turned out to be a very short thought.