Social Life in Proximity

I feel I have a rather unique characteristic that has greatly influenced my life: I only talk to people in proximity.

The norm is is to keep relationships healthy via communication over the telephone, e-mail, and video-chat. I only talk communicate to people if they are physically near.

If I live in a house in a suburb, then I am alone.

If I live in a city, I have the people in the city.

If I live in a house with several roommates, I will talk to those people more than more-valued relationships.

If I live in another country, then I do not talk to the people in the last country.

I believe I do this because I have no control of my social impulses. If someone is nearby, I talk. If there is a delicious piece of foodstuffs nearby, I eat it. It’s not much different. It’s a pleasure to talk, as it is to eat. The proximity of pleasures result in action. Perhaps that makes me hedonistic.

This trait alone causes destruction of relationships, makes me prone to social determinism, and eventually leads to severe adaptation to different societies.

The only way to make me work is to put me in a work place. The only way to make me talk is to place me in a place filled with people. The only way for me to make art is to place me in a place where many people make art. The only way for me to work for charity is to place me in a place that requires charity.

Sure, I make decisions, sometimes getting out of society and therefore escaping social determinism, but, for the most part, it seems my life has almost entirely depended on where I place myself. Therefore, the placement of myself is of utmost importance.