The Jack of all Trades

Play the game.

This game is my submission for the Experimental Gameplay Project. The theme is story game.

It is the first game I’ve ever created. It took most of the 7 unemployed days to complete. I did not use a game engine, hence the prevalence of bugs. I learned and used ActionScript. Special thanks to the developers of FlashDevelop. Without it, I would have given up.

The game involves thoughts and experiences I’ve gone through recently. Mostly about finding yourself in a capitalist world. Although looking at the end product, the story seems like an overdone trope, something that belongs to the cheap clones theme. Still, I hope it resonates something within the player.

Hint: Look for your heart, not the golden trophy. (although I shouldn’t have to give a hint, I feel my level design is bad)

EDIT: …And the results are in!

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