Thoughts, Highlights, Notes, and Dialectics with Media

I was just thinking about the word dialectic and how I’ve inadvertently always engaged in dialectic with media in the past.

From the beginning, I always wrote down my thoughts and notes into a text file titled thoughts. Later, I created a knowledge and education text file to separate my notes from my thoughts; Mainly, because I read and “highlighted” (copy text) huge amounts of text from Wikipedia. During the beginning of my philosophic period, and likely because it began with the audio of a series of lectures, I began highlighting (from audio to text), taking notes, and engaging in dialectic (without knowing the word) in separate text files on my phone through Byword (now I more frequently use Writebox). Later, these text files went under a folder titled knowledge and education. Even later, my notes on other media – physical books, documentaries, films, real conversations, real experiences – were all created in their own separate text files. During the middle of my philosophic period, I discovered Voice Dream, and now my highlights and notes are stuck inside the application. Still, I use the knowledge and education text file and folder for all other kinds of media and real experiences.

Then I figured, there’s probably some useful things I said in my notes that I could scavenge. Alas, there’s never time to look back and organize it all, is there?