Time Perception

Also, how memories are created.

>9/3/13 in Seoul Time flies without motivation. ... Art drives me when I am alone. My art has to be social, to keep track of time. ... As I sit alone at the train station, the faces of people appear again. Care for others arise, along with criticism. I begin to watch time.
9/18/13 in Osaka, Japan I left the hostel without direction because I hate being indoors. It feels as if the world moved without me. I need to be with people all of the time, yet I need to maintain my high level of thinking.
9/22/13 in Tokyo, Japan New experiences make time pass slow. While traveling I'm always experiencing something new. Meeting new people, seeing new things, taking a new path, eating something new, thinking about these new things. There is no routine in traveling. I wonder, will I be able to translate this to work? Most work requires routine. Only the design stage is new. How will I be able to satisfy my hunger for the new while working?
9/24/13 One moment I'm fighting for every minute to create a new experience. Another moment time passes freely, without motive. ... The long commutes on subways are damaging. Time flies. Monotonous commutes are indeed dangerous.
10/22/13 Need to give self deadlines. Without it I just live, without work and life. Deadlines should exist for both. Need to travel and be social to understand length of time.
>9/3/13 in Busan Mandy said "You feel it was long because you experienced so much". It's true. You have to constantly create new experiences.

Time seems to be linked to social time, work, and more.

Time is maximized during new experiences, hence people often feel traveling feels much longer than it is.

Therefore, is life maximized by maximizing time?

In India: 6/27 and 6/28 were wasted days. I'm thinking about what to do rather than doing it. It's good to think all of the time, but one also had to be doing. I shouldn't be planning full-time. I could be making games! Helping people! Allocate time to planning, don't let it hinder your work. Balance time. Wander. Don't be do inclusive.

If I spend time not being social, then I consider it a waste of time.