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能盛行 / the Factory, <3 <3
屏東藝文樓 / the Place of Arts, <3 <3 <3

A shout out to the great history games:

Age of Empires IV

The long awaited return. But can I return?…

Ra the Wolf, a digital home for my spirit

Age of Empires

4 years of un-published thoughts: 4 years of life: infinite life-times.

Stone Age

A return to more primitive ways of living.

Age of Mythology

Mythic Age


Heroic Age / nature

Ahhhh, after a few lifetimes in the mind, the weather has finally cleared up. This may be the end of written philosophy, the end of merely transforming implicit knowledge to explicit, and the beginning of another age. I hope it’s more romantic, more transcendental, more physical, and most of all, warm.
Final Philosophy IX
Final Philosophy VIII

Classical Age (Islamic Golden Age) / library

Annales School

Final Philosophy VII, the discovery of ancient sources and histories, making sense of books, the worlds within books, tracing contemporary culture

Archaic Age (Axial Age [Hellenistic period, Warring States period]) / Taiwan IV

Final Philosophy VI, women, being political (critical), experiencing exclusion and disillusionment, becoming apolitical (non-critical)

Rise of Nations

Late Modern Age (Late Modernity)

CUNY Graduate Center / isolation

Final Philosophy V, towards sociology of space, human geography, and environmental psychology

Frankfurt School (Dialectic of Enlightenment) / isolation

Final Philosophy IV, criticism of capitalism, communication, and rationality

MIT Center for Civic Media / Taipei, Taiwan III

Final Philosophy III, civil society, decision-making, city neighborhood community building, countering cultural / ideological problems, autonomous ideals

Age of Empires III

Age of Enlightenment, early Modern Age (Modernity) / isolation

Final Philosophy II, philosophy continued, mostly of cities, technology, future directions, and ideals
A few design ideas thought in a few minutes, my mind during a week at Parson’s

Renaissance / Taiwan II.II

Final Philosophy I, travel writings, philosophical writings, and the discovery of philosophy
Humans of Taiwan, an ongoing photo-essay of Taiwan, inspired by Humans of New York

Age of Discovery / World

Crystal Brawl, a local multiplayer sports game made with love from friends in New York
Rajinikanth loves games, a game development workshop and game jam at my parent’s hometown in Baroda, India
Roti Delivery, a short film about a roti delivery man in Penang, Malaysia

Age of Empires II

Castle Age, Rise and Decline of Empires / San Francisco II

Finger Skating: Battle, a local 1v1 iPad battle game inspired by dance yet with the playfulness of HORSE, the playground game
Doodle Tangle, a multiplayer iPad game prototype that explores physical problems (pardon the terrible video)
Pinkies Up, a local multiplayer iPad game with some quirky characters, made with love from Jon. SHOULD BE CONTINUED!

Renaissance of the 12th century / New York

note: I’ve since lost my web server twice, losing the game executables in the process, but, I still have _most of the games’ source files_
Flash and FlashPunk libraries, written during this period
RGBRGBRGB, a minimalist real-time strategy game prototype

Feudal Age, Building of Empires / San Francisco I

It was feudal yo! Peasants don’t get free time.

Dark Age / Home I

Final Philosophy 0, media studies (film criticism, game criticism, etc.), early formal writings, inception of blog
Iron Element, a t-shirt design for threadless
Important Feed, a Facebook application that allows users to mark their post as important *incomplete
Splyce, a cross-platform HTML editor/previewer with FTP
CrossCalc, a cross-platform calculator similar to Microsoft’s Power Calculator
my code from school projects, have fun rummaging through that sh**